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I provide experiential workshops.  Using a simple method, that when applied and co-operated with, will bring participants into harmony with life under all conditions.   Once we've had a first hand experience of these principles, and 'know' what they are, we begin to see them as universal, and in all things.  This allows us to practice the faith of our choice with more fervor and conviction then ever before. Talking about life's principles is only intellect, they must be lived from our own experience or they are just words.

                                   Principles are essential truths that do not fail... the things that govern life and how it operates.

I use the metaphor of the drum circle, which gives the participants a 'hands-on' experience of these principles.  Our goal is to re-mind participants through metaphor, action, and laughter to re-cognize, in their own experience, and co-operate with, principles that never fail.

We already know these truths.  We were born with, and of them.  We aren't learning anything new, but we need to re-mind each other or we will fall back into "our story".  "Our story" is based on information (often inaccurate), from our past, which can only recreate it... with a slightly different face.

Life is not my story... life is a mystery... meant to be enjoyed.  We can only be live right now, we can't be live yesterday or tomorrow, life is a living Presence.  That living Presence is what we have in common....  it is our:    Common Sense

recovery drum circles


Using my over 30 years of recovery, I facilitate drum workshops for people in treatment.  Residents get a 'hands on' experience of the 12 steps using the metaphor of the drum circle, in a fun, energetic, way.

La Verne/Claremont Community Drum Circle


We have a monthly, 1st Saturday of the month Community Drum Circle that meets from 3 to 5pm.  509 S. College, Claremont,Ca.  All are welcome, no charge, donations accepted, bring something for a potluck.  We have plenty of percussion instruments. , and