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A Simple Method (why? because everything in life is in a logical order form. Life itself creates that way. when we co-opereate with creation it creates through us.)

Taking it Apart ... so it can come together

Any true method will produce harmony when practised in earnest.  The rule is it must include all and exclude none.  I offer here a method that does that.  Because essential truth is the same in any method, you will be able to recognize your method in other methods. Nothing new is being presented here, you already know this. However knowledge without action avails nothing, aka, faith without works is dead.

Because I recognized that something was missing in my life, I knew I had to take apart the way I was living in order to create space for the knowing that is inside of me to present itself...  in other words... I had to let go of everything I thought I knew. 

I call it the APART Method… taking it A.P.A.R.T. so it can come together.  It can and will do it on its own. All true paths are about removing the blocks we created to the awareness of the Presence of who we really are.  The first part in the A.P.A.R.T. process is: 

Awareness, that something is missing. The main indicator of awareness is pain, sometimes pleasure but primarily pain. We don’t like a situation, person, or thing, or idea that is being presented to us… this can take unlimited forms.  Once we gain awareness it must be followed immediately by:


Pause, stop whatever activity, speech, or thought you are having. I’m not talking ten seconds; I’m talking about sitting quietly, connecting with the breath until we become still… calm. Once we become still, we come into the present moment. Only when we are present can we begin a communication with that part of ourselves that is awareness.  In this calm reflective place called stillness, we:

Acknowledge(ask), that presence that is our life, and voice our concerns, ask for insight, what is the highest good in this moment, what action or inaction is required now. Sitting in the stillness, quietly, not thinking, we will:

Receive(remember) a solution, an answer, an insight, a thought, idea, or something. It’s important to remember that what we receive, in all probability, will not make sense to our mind, because… it didn’t come from our mind.  (Write down what you receive, even if it doesn’t make sense, logic will always say ‘this can’t be it’, write it down anyway)  The last part of the process is to:

Trust (transform), what you receive, (if it’s not injurious to anyone) by taking an action or not (depending upon what you received). 

Will you make mistakes? Absolutely, but by repetition, a living relationship with the truth in you is being built.  These principles applied, in that order, are what begins the process of living from a new starting point. We begin to rely on who we really are instead of who we think we should be.  They work each and every time in that order form. Why, because… 

there’s nothing to Trust if we don’t receive anything new… 

we can’t Receive anything new if we don’t ask… 

we won’t Ask if we don’t pause and let go of everything we “think” we know… 

we won’t Pause unless we have the awareness we need to… 

and we don’t become Aware unless we’re in some form of pain.

Pain is the touchstone of all spiritual (I believe, any) growth. 

We’ve been living at the effect things have on us. We have to stop, and be (at) cause, not effect. No belief is necessary, just a willingness to try the process. The more passion, you apply to living these principles the more, who you really are, is revealed and a brand-new world, the world as it was always intended to be, opens up to you, each and every day!


You’ve heard the expression ‘come to your senses’. Our primary sense is common sense. All the other senses come secondary and they can only be fully enjoyed when in alignment with common sense. That’s why you always feel good when you seriously even try to help someone else. 

We are not separate... we are One... at some level you know this!