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The Power - Life; we share it!

 Underneath all our thoughts and the things, we ‘think’ we know… 

something… is breathing our breath and beating our hearts. Regardless of our color, age, belief, intelligence, or lack there-of. That same thing is giving us all life. In fact… it is life itself, individuated, as each of us and it is infinitely more intelligent than our thin-king.

Our thin-king is who we 'think' we are!

That intelligence created, and is a part of, every-thing.  It doesn’t care whether we believe it, what name we call it, or our opinion about it… it just ‘is’ what it is. When we co-operate with life we become empowered. That is: “I am” powered. We all, whether we’re aware of it or not, call that power the same thing. Think about this for a second;

When someone asks 'who are you?'  We all say the same thing… "I am"…and then we add our earthly name. So, again, the power for all our lives is who?  “I am”. 

Of course you already know this, I'm just re-minding you.  Just because we haven't used our common sense, doesn't mean it isn't there.  We just need to re-member (become a member once again) of the body of mankind.  

If you think about it... the things that are 'real'... we can’t get our hands on:    love, joy, compassion, empathy, beauty, intelligence, wonder, awe… all those ‘things’... and yet we KNOW them. 

How do we know them?           By the effects they produce. 

On the other hand we experience, anger, hatred, sorry, regret, fear, and all those, what might be called, ‘dark side’ emotions. Are they ‘real’ too?  Right here, is the dilemma of the world in which we live, the dualistic world of physicality:   In the physical world nothing can exist without it's opposite.... think about that.... there can be no up without down, no left without right... in order to have a physical experience, it's opposite must, at least appear, to exist.

One side brings together and unites and the other side divides and separates. One is self-less and the other is self-ish. 

We are free however, to choose our reality, in each and every moment, we can use the power that is our life, common sense... or mistakenly use our finite mind, independent of our common sense, and come into conflict with every other mind.  We are always creating, either in separation and conflict or in unity and co-operation.

                                              Which do you choose today... 

Note:  Each of us are free to use another word for "common sense".   Common Sense does not require that we get it's name right, only that we live in harmony with it....... or not!