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Common Sense

What is it?

The dictionary defines common sense as:  that which is derived from experience rather than study. It defines common as: shared, of or for all. And sense as:   a feeling derived from multiple or subtle sense impressions.

Everyone thinks they know what common sense is, but mostly we think it’s what our individual perception is. Seems like a funny thing common sense, so few of us use it. Of all of our senses, it is, by far, the least developed. Common sense is different from our other senses. The five senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell all belong to the body. 

Common sense, though, is something else, it doesn’t belong to the body. It's more intuitive, the sense of all senses. It is our knowing of right from wrong, even though we may deny it, it is still there. It simply is, and, like all truths, the more we cooperate with it, the more we can do in our life, the less pain we experience, and the more we come into harmony with the rest of creation. Sometimes common sense doesn’t appear logical from the mind’s perspective and often we can’t explain it, which is what makes it so hard for the mind to accept and cooperate with it.  For the most part it doesn't seem to be a learned experience, it's just there already and it's what's common in all of us. Although by name our bodily senses are the same, our experience of them is unique; taste may be experienced entirely different from person to person. The same is true with all our senses… except common sense. 

If common sense isn’t in the body, where is it? That's a fair question. I've heard it said that God hide it in the last place we would look, on the inside. Okay, let's just say that's true, how do we get at it?  Well, we can't use the mind, because it’s not there, we can't use the body, because it's not there, so what do we use? That's our dilemma. That's the point where our egos come in. And what is the ego? The ego is a fictitious character that our mind and body create that we have come to "believe" is who we are. We created this fictitious character without common sense. Using our thinking (our thin – King, a very shallow version of who we are), we create using our thoughts (our thou-oughts) but without common sense. Without the knowing of our common sense, we are in constant conflict with each other and so together we create the world we live in. Every one of us knows, there is something wrong with the world. All we need to do is come into alignment with common sense.

Life is always a deeper surrender... to the truth of our being...